The Project

Client: TasGas Networks
Location: Ulverstone, NW Tasmania
Project Overview: New gas transmission facilities for a turbine driven generator, steam boilers, and township network.
Project Scope: Hot-tap, filter/metering skids x 2, transmission pipeline (DN150 x 4.5km) pigging facilities, filter/heater skids, pressure let-down skids x 2, LP distribution network pipeline.

Our scope of services

ECNZ’s scope of services: Conceptual design, process design, budget analysis, HAZOP, detailed design, safety management studies, procurement management, construction management documentation, construction tendering, construction support and supervision, commissioning assistance, as-building.

This project included green fields development for the pipeline hot tap, metering and pig launching station, a new alignment and HDD for the transmission line and brownfields work at the processing plant for 5 skids and steel network line.