Recent Experience/Projects

Oil & Gas

  • Development and detail design of standard specification and drawings for GMS and DRS assemblies on LP network facilities in NZ
  • Detailed design, procurement, construction, and commissioning assistance of four gas offtake/metering skids at Newcastle (New South Wales) with PE pipeline and interface with distribution network
  • Planning approval and detailed design of site facilities for CNG receiving, storage, and distribution stations (10) in rural Victoria and interface with PE distribution network
  • Conceptual design and detail design for relocation of mainline valve, and facilities upgrade at 2 locations on DN100 LPG pipeline in rural Victoria including highway HDD and hot-tap design
  • Conceptual design and detail design of pig launcher and receiver upgrades on nine transmission pipeline stations that included modification or replacement of six pig launcher and seven pig receivers North Island NZ
  • Project management services for installation of ≈1km of DN200 horizontal directionally drilled (HDD) crossing of the Manawatu River (≈650m) at Whirokino
  • Design and project management for pipeline rehabilitation and easement remediation works for the 400Line and the First Gas DN200 Kapuni-Auckland gas pipeline (the 200Line)
  • Repair of DN200 pipeline on Hobart Tasmania gas network
  • Cost study of marine fuel unloading options including marine jetty and SPM for a West Africa power project
  • Risk assessments/safety management studies on DN150 pipelines in urban Tasmania
  • Decommissioning/abandonment of a section of the DN500 404Line at Port Taranaki
  • Feasibility study for 36km of DN500 bi-directional gas transmission pipeline from Stratford to First Gas’ DN750 Oaonui-Rotowaro pipeline (the 400Line) at Frankley Road, Taranaki
  • FEED study and options review for gas, LPG, and condensate pipelines sizes DN100 to DN200, lengths from 30km to 45km, Taranaki
  • Detailed design and preparation of procurement documentation for a DN300 hot-tap connection to First Gas’ DN750 Oaonui-Rotowaro pipeline (the 400Line) at Tikorangi
  • Condition assessment for multiple existing pipelines at Port Taranaki to determine the impact of proposed construction and operational traffic loads
  • Detailed design, procurement, construction management, compliance management, commissioning of seven gas offtake/metering skids and 3,500m of DN150 pipeline including hot tap on the TGP at Ulverstone (Tasmania)
  • Detailed design, procurement, construction management, compliance management, commissioning of a 2,500m section of the DN200 gas pipeline including hot-tap and stopple operations at Brighton (Tasmania)
  • Detailed design, compliance management for 3,500m of DN200 water pipeline associated with a coal seam gas development at Spring Gully Queensland
  • Pipeline easement flood damage assessment and detailed remedial works design at Spring Gully (Queensland).
  • Feasibility study for gas injection compressor for underground gas storage, Ahuroa Taranaki
  • Route feasibility investigation for multiple (8) DN1050 pipelines for LNG developments, Gladstone (Queensland)
  • Front-end engineering support for pipeline easement stabilisation works for First Gas
  • Detailed design, project engineering for 20km DN250 LP cross-country pipeline and offtake stations for TasGas
  • Project management for removal of ACM structures at Port Taranaki
  • Civil/structural assessment & design and project management of bulk storage facility upgrades at Port Taranaki
  • Refurbishment and upgrade of gas reception and treatment station facilities at Taranaki By-products


  • Detailed design of instrumentation, controls and telemetry for a hydrogen production station (including H2 storage, dispensing and mobile) in Southland, NZ.
  • Detailed design of earthworks, civil/structural. 3D model, piping & mechanical, HV & LV electrical, instrumentation, controls & telemetry for hydrogen production/BESS (pilot proving plant & battery storage) in South Australia.
  • Detailed design of instrumentation, controls and telemetry for a hydrogen liquefier (including H2 liquefication, off-board power unit, haul truck and refuelling/transfer truck) in Western Australia.
  • Various studies, reviews of H2 readiness of facilities and pipelines for operating companies, shippers and distributors in NZ & Australia.

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